You or your customers can walkthrough live virtual event worlds

The demand for out-of-the-ordinary presentations was the reason behind the development of a modern sector solution for the marketing of events.

pep PRESENTER allows users as well as their customers to freely explore an almost realistic display of planned events by means of a walkthrough.

In contrast to films, videos, photos, PDF files or hard copy plans, an impressive live atmosphere is created. It can be modified at any time without complicated path, camera and lighting settings or lengthy rendering times.

The events are structured via the 3D libraries using the planning software pep EVENT® . In just a few seconds, pep PRESENTER takes over the planning data and gives you access to a virtual world.

Some features here are the effective processing method, the high-quality display, intelligent symbol behaviour (stages can be walked on, other symbols are run through), limitless branding possibilities etc.

A comprehensive texture library is included. The library can be expanded as desired, e.g. with your own carpets, curtains, cobblestones, decorative objects, background images, environments or customer logos.

pep PRESENTER offers an excellent distribution option for individual planning results. Viral marketing is thus taken into account here.


pep PRESENTER is based on a leading global virtual reality system and thus includes the basis for high-quality, graphical presentation and outstanding performance.

The creation of a One Click Player for PCs and Macs is realised in just a few seconds. By providing this Player to the end customers, the customers can freely explore the planned event. No additional software or drivers have to be downloaded.

Via the connection with the planning software pep EVENT®, the strengths of a CAD as well as a virtual reality system have been optimally combined and form a unique application with regard to the user friendliness, range of functions as well as high-quality output options.

Presentation range

Photo illustration

Examine the planned event from a photographer’s perspective. Create screenshots in full HD in any position with just one click. You can, if necessary, change to a flyover and create the photos from the top view. The screenshots are output in the standard format png.

You will find a selection structured according to topics here.

360° panorama generation

You can create movable 360° panoramas with just one click. The panorama output of interior spaces offers possible uses for integration in websites, sending per e-mail or as realistic graphical material. It is realised in the standard format png, whereby the associated file for the web integration is automatically also generated.

Player creation

With the One Click Player function, you can create an interactive walkthrough for PCs and Macs within seconds. Show your customers the most attractive locations for the planned event by using the Viewpoint function. The Windows Player is output as a self-extracting exe file. The Mac Player is output as a self-extracting file.

Examples for customer players can be downloaded here

Interactive tour in the web


Event marquee  Link

Room variants Link

System Requirements

Hardware and operating system

Graphics card with DirectX support
Can be run on all newer generation computers
Automated enabling via a one-off server request

Operating systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 for PCs
Parallels Desktop for Mac OS
Player output for Windows and Mac