Service Portal for Processing Individual Requests

Our service portal offers a comprehensive range of services for the processing of individual requests.

Once the scope has been clarified and the expenditure estimated, we offer the services on an hourly rate or as a flat rate.


Many years of project experience in the acquisition, editing and creation of complex graphical databases.

Over 10 m m² GFA (gross floor area) of buildings has been captured as well as digitally edited in 2D and 3D.

More than 10,000 objects (2D pictograms and 3D models) have been created and provided with the required intelligences such as evaluable attributes, snap point systems, movement areas etc. for optimised planning.

Services in detail

Setup of 2D room templates

For larger event locations, it is recommended that you request a one-off setup of the room templates.

The basis is usually formed by existing floor plans in the CAD standard formats dwg/dxf. Superfluous information is cleansed from the data; the data are then provided with a basic grid and changed to a uniform structure. Information such as floor sockets, suspension points or exclusion zones can be entered upon request and can be separately activated/deactivated.

You will receive storey overviews, room combinations as well as individual rooms that are graphically coordinated with each other. Room information such as height indications, room sizes, technical equipment or dimensions can be activated/deactivated at the click of a button. Partitions can be individually selected and hidden/shown. Project data fields with the date, event type etc. can be variably modified.

The corporate identity (CI) is agreed on with the client.

Examples and additional information can also be found on the product page of pep EVENT®.

3D room layout: Virtual room and building models

The services offered as standard for 3D room layout or 3D visualisations ultimately usually form a static solution. In certain cases, this can be meaningful and will be offered by us at attractive conditions.

We alternatively offer the setup of virtual building models. Here optimised 3D models are provided with finely tuned individual programmings and integrated in a virtual environment.

As a result, users can also equip very complex event areas in an as-desired manner in the 2D room templates. Galleries or gradations in the floor plan must not be taken into account as the planning is integrated via the press of a button into the room environment.

Via the creation of a player (Windows or Mac player);at the press of a button, our users can make the virtual event planning available to their end customers.

Examples and additional information can be found on the product page of pep PRESENTER.

Individual object libraries

Object requests that make sense for all users are integrated free of charge. Library expansions or exclusive libraries can of course be requested at any time.


Online training is available via Internet connection, while group trainings (separated according to new users and advanced users) are carried out at different locations; there is also the possibility of in-house training directly at the customer.

For new customers, there are two hours of initial training included per Internet connection and this is usually enough.

The annual pep user meeting takes place in Dortmund, in each case, one day before the “Best of Events” trade show. Here you can freely select between several, parallel-running training units. The framework programme gives colleagues the opportunity to exchange information and experiences.

Additional services

Contact us so that we can find the right solution to meet your requirements.