Save Time and Position Goods in a Sales-Promotional Manner via the Web

The prerequisite for the pep WEBSHOP is pep MANAGER, the database-based software for event management and corporate management.

The webshop increases sales via additional offers such as covers for chairs, serviettes for cutlery, ice cubes for drinks, from bouncy castles to balloons etc.

The customer can submit their order at any time regardless of the standard opening hours. In contrast to orders by telephone that can be misunderstood, the legal certainty is increased due to the documentation of the online booking.

The manual processing steps no longer apply due to the process automation. The workload of the employees is reduced, faults and empty runs are prevented.


The pep WEBSHOP is controlled in a fully automated manner from the pep MANAGER. Duplicate data processing or maintenance no longer occurs.

Process + Prices

Webshop process

Once a query is received, the commodity management is automatically requested and the following processes are initiated in a fully automated manner where available:

The reserved articles are blocked so that multiple assignments cannot take place. The delivery note and invoice are created in an automated manner. The customer simultaneously receives their order confirmation per e-mail.

An automatic notification is sent by the system to the employee(s) the next time (morning) pep MANAGER is started.

If all articles are not available in the desired scope, the person making the booking receives an automated feedback per e-mail indicating that they will be directly contacted.

Webshop prices

Costs/fees (prices are always net in EUR):

Item 1:
Setup of pep WEBSHOP (one-off), €750.00, included in the basic equipment:
a. Shop system as an ASP licence (Application Service Provider) based on monthly fees (means server incl. pep WEBSHOP is backed up twice in our computer centre with 24h online availability.

b. Linking of pep WEBSHOP with your Internet presence (direct incorporation in your web page(s) possible for an extra charge)

c. Creation of an administrator access to the pep WEBSHOP for you as an administration option, as well as required basic entries to be provided such as contact details, GTC, legal notice etc.

  • Adjustment of standard shop view to your corporate identity (colours/logo)
  • Connection of pep WEBSHOP to pep MANAGER
  • Installation of software (MySQL server, FTP server, pep MANAGER contact tool) on computer/server provided by you (access via EDP remote maintenance tool such as Teamviewer)

Customer-side requirements:

  • Fixed IP address (to be requested from your Internet service provider, usually free of charge)
  • A computer/server that can be reached via this IP address

Item 2:
Initial instruction and/or initial installation support:
a. Included in the basic setup price are max. 2 h, then calculated according to expenditure
b. Establishment of operational readiness (initialisation i.c.w. pep MANAGER)

Item 3:
Monthly fee (depending on the number of articles) incl. memory space, data transfer volumes and pep WEBSHOP licence

Up to 50 articles: EUR 95.00
Up to 100: EUR 125.00
Up to 200: EUR 140.00
Up to 300: EUR 165.00
Up to 500: EUR 180.00
Up to 1,000: EUR 195.00
Up to 1,500: EUR 205.00

Item 4:
Individual programming (depending on expenditure) EUR 95.00/h

Item 5:
Contract duration
a. At least 24 months, must be cancelled at the latest three months before expiry date
b. Where no cancellation occurs, the contract duration is automatically extended by another 12 months

System Requirements

s. item 1 c